Angels Orphanage currently resides in just a few rooms that are part of a larger compound. Though they have long ago outgrown the space, they have been given a lease until 2020. It’s not ideal. They share the space with many families, not all of which are trustworthy. To ensure the children’s safety, they are not allowed into the front courtyard unchaperoned.

Because of this, all fifty children are confined to back play area; a thin rectangle of dusty ground, walled off on all sides by buildings. Rooms are small and must house an expanding group of children. Worst of all, when the lease ends, Sabina believes it will not be renewed.

Before this happens, Sabina is seeking corporate or private partners to help secure the future for her children. An angel, you might say. Locating a suitable piece of land within the Bangalore city limits and near enough to good schools is her top priority and her most fervent prayer.

If you would like to be a part of the future of Angels Orphanage, whether as a business or an individual sponsor, please contact Sabina to discuss the New Home initiative. Fifty beautiful children will thank you.