Meet Our Staff


Primary Caretaker

Kind, affectionate, big-hearted, selfless. These are just a few of the words that describe Sabina Solomon. A Bangalore native, Sabina began her life of service in 1991 as a volunteer at the same orphanage she would one day run. Seven years later, after the death of her husband, Sabina dedicated her life to the children at Angels Orphanage. It hasn’t always been easy; challenges arrive daily. But Sabina has a steadfast faith that all of her needs will be met.

“Sometimes I say quite frankly, I say, ‘God, I need oil. I need groceries.’ And He sends. Someone will always arrive or visit, looking to donate at just the right moment. It is a miracle, only. But I believe in them. I have a great faith.”

And so her work is the work of love. With a smile, with a hug, even with tears, with daily commitment to bettering the lives of her children, Sabina is creating hope from despair and building a unified family from so many abandoned pieces.



Angel is Sabina’s daughter and a powerful force at the orphanage. Like her mother, Angel loves the children as her own; and they love her right back. To spend time with her, watching her play with the kids, to see the mutual love and respect…she is truly the big sister to all the orphaned children at Angels. She was raised on the property and has spent most of her life as part of the large sprawling family. But as she has grown, she has increased her responsibilities. Upon completing her education Angel hopes to continue working with Angels Orphanage, serving the children wherever there is a need.

For the record: the orphanage was not named after her. It was her late father’s wish to create an orphanage in the name of angels, and Sabina honored this wish when she became the orphanage director in 2007.